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Teak is one of the few tropical timbers which has been cultivated in plantations through several hundred years . Skilled European foresters saw a big potential in establishing plantations due to the unique quality of teak and the relatively high prices attainable. Consequently getting teak certified is not a major problem today.
The cultivation of teak coupled with the selective logging system and the use of elephants for extraction where possible makes for good forest management. 

Mary Chapman School for the Deaf Children

We have for a number of years supported Mary Chapman School for the Deaf Children through our yearly donation. The funds go direct to the school without any form of intermediate stages. 
We would be happy to help with practical matters, should you wish to make a donation to the school. 
You may like to visit the school's website    
Peter Birkmose | Søvænget 6, 8680 Ry - Denmark | Phone: +4540243096 |